A Child's Voice

Every story matters.


If you have a story of living at Centrepoint it is a

story that matters.


Sharing your story has power to bring about change in your life, and in the lives of others

A Child's perspective

  • What was it like for you to live at Centrepoint as a child or teenager?

  • What were some of the experiences that you had there that changed you?

  • What are the aspects of your story that you feel are not well understood, and keep you isolated from others? 

  • How are you resolving those experiences within yourself?

  • Are you able to find ways to resolve complex or conflicting memories?


The responses to these questions will depend on the individual and what they were like as a child or teenager, their supports, their temperament, the mental health and resilience of their parent(s), their age and stage, previous vulnerabilities and how responsive their supports were to their experiences. Some children loved living at Centrepoint, others were deeply traumatised, and many were somewhere in the middle or a confusing mixture of both realities.


Shared stories have the power to vindicate and acknowledge the loss and pain of the individual. Those  stories have the power to provoke compassion from others. 


Shared stories offer hurt people companions in their journey. They have the power to draw remorse and contrition from hearts which have been closed to their obligation and responsibility for these events.

an adult's voice

What was it like for you to live at Centrepoint as an adult?

What were some of the experiences that you had there that changed you?

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