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Check out some of the material the is out there in video or audio format. If you know of any other resources to add to this page, please make contact.

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The Project spoke to Angie, a survivor of the controversial North Shore commune Centrepoint. Her and her sibling’s story is the focus of a film by Costa Botes that will be screened as part of New Zealand International Film Festival.

audio and video resources

JULY 2018

Costa Botes, director of the documentary 'Angie', is interviewed the week before the film first screens in Auckland at the NZ International Film Festival.

JULY 2018

Winston Peters is acting as Prime Minister of New Zealand, and appears on The Project along with Angie Meiklejohn. A brief interview follows about the documentary about her life and living at Centrepoint, filmed by Costa Botes.

JUNE 2018

An eloquent and dignified interview on Radio NZ's Saturday Morning with Kim Hill. Angie is honest and dignified as she talks about the documentary due for release in July.


Lilia Tarawa grew up in a cult, at Gloriavale on the West Coast of New Zealand. She tells her story

JUNE 2018

The documentary was filmed over five years of Angie's life. An outspoken, and honest ex-resident and victim of abuse at Centrepoint Community tells her story of recovery. Due for release at the International Film Festival in July and August.


Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger share their story of the crime that sat between them for years and how they journeyed to heal the damage within and between them to come to a place of active restoration and reconciliation.


Paediatrician Nadine Burke Harris discusses the impact of adverse childhood experiences over a lifetime, and makes a plea for paediatric services to invest in prevention


Fire-Brown shares her powerful story of healing and finding strength after a childhood of abuse, to go on to help other women to heal and affect change socially


Beyond Surviving with Rachel Grant is a podcast series directed at victims of sexual abuse or assault. The host is a psychologist who shares cases and offers ideas of how to move forward towards growth, healing and repair.


Journey On: Survivors Healing from Sexual Abuse & Assault  is a podcast aimed at male survivors of sexual abuse by DJ Burr


Restorative justice expert Chris Marshall discusses the role of restoration in crime, and how victims and perpetrators can move beyond punitive justice, to restoration.

NOV 2010

Jessie Mulligan talks on Radio NZ about the community


Filmed during the very early years of the Centrepoint Community, this documentary (full length, split into two 25 minute parts) gives alot of insight into what it was like to live there.

"The only people mad at you for telling the truth are those living a lie."


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