Finding Connections

Shame and isolation

Sexual trauma is isolating and shame-making. People who experience sexual trauma tend to withdraw those painful memories into themselves and may struggle to process and integrate their memories of trauma in a functional way. The criminal justice system focuses on punishing the wrong-doers and gives little or no attention to the victims of these acts, which can further isolate and shame the victims. The needs of victims of sexual abuse or assault are varied, but often there is the need to be heard, and the need to have their experiences recognised, accepted, validated and vindicated. There are other people who were damaged during their time living at Centrepoint who may wish to talk to you safely about shared experiences.


The power of connecting
Connecting with people who understand can be powerfully healing. A primary goal of the project is to enable non-threatening engagement for the children and teenagers of Centrepoint who have unmet connection needs. The project aims to offer different levels of connection and interaction, to suit the different needs of people as they engage with the project.


The panels below outline the different levels of connection available:

Make 1:1 contact

Would you like to make personal contact to discuss some of the issues raised on this site? You can let us know what you think, or share a bit of your perspective.


If you are a child of Centrepoint and you are interested in meeting regularly with others who share similar experiences for support, conversation, or help to make sense of some of these issues, the team can assist with facilitation connections..

let us know what you think

Offer your thoughts, ideas, send messages about broken links, or questions about the site through the online contact form. Comments will published only if appropriate. Abusive messages will not be published.

Read the BLOG 

Articles are regularly written about issues pertaining to life after Centrepoint. If you wish you can subscribe to the blog.


Read the article here
Folded Newspapers


MAY 2021

Three brave women open up the Centrepoint story. They are coming forward to tell their story in the 2021 docu-drama "Heaven & Hell". In this interview with Anke Richter, they describe the truth and reconciliation project which is behind their involvement.

“This in essence is my goal. To set an example by doing what is good. If I live openly and honestly, I set an example of virtue, humanness, restoration, and healing. I give others permission to join me on my journey despite the fear of failure or the rejection it might elicit when they know they are not alone in their experience. The more of us who amass the courage to embark openly on this path, the more normal this experience becomes, effectively eliminating the tactic of shame and isolation that the enemy so often uses to cause us to falter.” 


Breaking the Silence

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