NZ Community Growth Trust

The NZ Community Growth Trust was established by the High Court in 2000  when the Centrepoint Community Trust was dissolved. This new trust is managed by the Public Trust and is the holding tank for the considerable remaining wealth of the community. It seeks to support ex-residents, and members of former cults. The following are links to details about how to make an application for funds, and access criteria.

If you are interested in making an application for support you can find information here

Something about the difficulties, and advocating for a review which serves the children. Also for widening of the criteria to enable funds for restorative works for the former members of the community.

The NZCGT its reviewed every ?# years.


Previously there have been questions and concerns raised by former community members about the way funds are distributed, the lengths former children of the community need to go to gain access to funds, the requirement to prove poverty, and the inflexibility of the access criteria. The trust was set up 30 years ago, and the recipients of the trust are now adults. The NZCGT has the potential to significantly alleviate the harms that former members experienced, and also to facility works which have the power to bring about significant change and restoration. Unfortunately at this stage, the potential has yet to be fulfilled


For information about the review process see here.

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