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Hard stuff...

If this all feels rather hard, there is likely to be good reason for you to feel that way. Years of controversy, shame, guilt and secrecy have resulted in this topic feeling too hard, too messy and simply too complicated to unpack for many people.


Most people aren’t talking about their experiences at Centrepoint for very good reasons. An open conversation is exposing, and who knows who might join in and attack, blame or invalidate. It may make you feel frightened of what others will think of you to acknowledge your connection to the place, or worried about how it will affect those you love. You may still be very much under the shadow of secrecy and lack the desire for open dialogue. For most people with an experience of living at Centrepoint, coming to talking openly amidst these complex emotions will be challenging.

I encourage you to take a risk, and consider breaking your silence if you have been silent, or rethinking how you view your past at Centrepoint if you're feeling uncomfortable when you think about it and you have never thought to see it any different before. This is a new conversation and we are just starting along a path which is fragile and uncertain. Take a risk.

Any contact with the project team will be respected and confidentiality will be treated honourably if you seek to engage with the project.

Our Position

This project does not condone the behaviour of those Centrepoint adults who willingly and fully complicity, used opportunities that were available to them at Centrepoint to misuse and mistreat other people, in particular the children and young people. Some former members of the community continue to hold and spread the view that no harm was done, no accountability is required, no action needs to be taken, and they have no remorse for their own actions. 


Where there are very clear examples of crime, the project team will be firmly in support of the survivors.

your privacy

Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. We are committed to respectful handling of any information you share with the project team. We take very seriously the sensitive nature of the subject matter and the trust we are given in holding it.

Your information, and anything you share will never be published by this website or on this website, nor shared with others without your specific permission

“When we stand, we do so not only for ourselves, but also for countless others who have similar stories but may never have an opportunity to be witnessed.” 

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