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Restoration Projects

This is just the beginning of the conversation

It is time for this history to be restored. The children of Centrepoint have grown up, they are raising their own children, and the adults of Centrepoint are starting to die off. Action needs to take place now to stop the cycle of dysfunction which results and spreads through generations when difficult history is not addressed, and relationships are not repaired. If a significant work of restorative action does not happen within the next five to ten years, the opportunity will be missed, and this unrestored history and all of its baggage will be passed down to the next generation, with dire consequences.

Actions have been taken previously to address this history, and at the time they were significant. But childhood trauma takes a life time to integrate and come to terms with, and action which may have been taken in the past is never going to be enough. For those people who were not present, or able to participate, their personal experience of restorative action may be very limited. In order to address this history, all of the children of Centrepoint need opportunity to experience, and participate in, restorative action. This needs to be in a time that works for them, in a way that helps them, and on their own terms. So while what has happened before may have been beneficial,  it is no longer enough. Further action needs to be taken now to address the needs of a maturing population of people who are at a different place in the lifespan. And for the adults of Centrepoint, who are facing the end of their lives, these past events may well look quite different now. If the guilt and shame are not addressed adequately now, then when will that happen?

Some ideas for action could include:

  • workshops for former adults of Centrepoint to help them understand what it was like for children at Centrepoint, and how to make amends

  • using skills gained at such a workshop to meet with others who you may have let down or wish to be reconciled with

  • being interviewed and having your personal story confidentially filmed with a therapist, for your private use

  • discussing your experiences on a podcast, to allow others to benefit from your learnings

  • having your story taped and compiled with others into a book

  • sharing your story anonymously on the website

  • expressing on the website what is needed

  • participating in group discussions about what restoration would look like to you

  • joining a peer support group with other from your generation from Centrepoint, and meeting regularly via zoom to share your experiences, support one another and discuss evolving issues

  • participating in a healing circle face to face with others from the community

Some of these options are currently available. Others are not and are simply early ideas about how to change the landscape moving forward. Where there is interest and energy, with some creativity and enough like minds, some of these may be possible.

Watch this space. There will be more to come

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