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The following articles, and books were written 2013 and earlier.

Book Tells of Commune Abuse

AUG 2013

Stuff article by Liz Willis reviewing the memoir of Centrepoint from a child's perspective 'Surviving Centrepoint' by Ella James, who lived at Centrepoint as a child.

Death of Centrepoint Founder A Relief

MAY 2012

Barrie Leslie is interviewed in this article about her feelings about Bert's death

Centrepoint Leader Bert Potter Dies

MAY 2012

Stuff article by Sarah Harvey reviewing Bert's last few years and some Centrepoint history after his death.

Victim: Bert Potter's Death Ensures No Reoffending

MAY 2012

NZ Herald article further reviewing the historical facts, and getting thoughts on Bert's death from a victim of abuse.

Bert Potter's Son Offers Apology to Victims

MAY 2012

NZ Herald article covering the funeral and outlining some of the apology offered by John Potter at his father's funeral.

Centrepoint Children Denied Justice

JUNE 2010

Kerry Gibson talks to Stuff journalist Michael Field about the retrospective Massey study where 29 adult children of Centrepoint were interviewed about their experiences anonymously.

Centrepoint Children Living with Effects - study

MAY 2010

NZ Press Association article in the NZ Herald discussing the release of the Massey University study into the effects of childhood sexual abuse at Centrepoint.

Commune Pain Lingers

JUNE 2010

Stuff article by Liz Willis discussing the results of the Massey study and concerns about meeting the needs of those affected by sexual abuse.

Paedophile cop 'aided abuse' at Centrepoint

Oct 2009

Stuff article by Tim Hume revealing the delays in the police investigation into the sexual abuse of children claims in the 1990s due to a police officer who had his own secrets to hide.

Memories won't fade easily from Centrepoint Property

MAY 2008

NZ Herald article by Megan Jones. The property is converted to an eco-village and while the site may have changed hands and purpose, the ghosts of abuse still haunt.

Pay-Off for Potter's Old Believers

JUNE 2000

NZ Herald article by Bronwyn Sell. As they leave the community, Bert Potter's supporters take a lot of money with them.

Crown Law Office


Report of the Committee of Inquiry on its examination and inquiry into the Centrepoint Community Growth Trust, pursuant to Section 58(2) of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957

Inside Centrepoint


Written in 1984 Len Oakes, Centrepoint resident academic, describes the early years of Centrepoint.

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