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Published by Harper Collins New Zealand and written over the preceding 10 years, Cult Trip is Anke Richter's adventures into Cult Land, a personal journey by a journalist who not only was deeply affected by her enquiry, but was fundamentally changed as a result of what she learnt and who she came to know. Cult Trip is a balanced exploration of what makes a cult a cult, and why Centrepoint developed into one. The story of Centrepoint - told from the perspective of those Anke interviews - parallels those of the Agama yoga school which closed down in a flurry of controversial sexual assault accusations, and New Zealand's own West Coast community Gloriavale, which continues to be hounded by controversy and legal cases. Right in between is Centrepoint. Side by side each other in the book these accounts reveal the parallels; that despite the wildly different values and belief systems, these groups followed the same playbook of power, control and coercion. Cult Trip is an excellent read, by a thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent investigator.

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