Below are some sites, groups and services that might be beneficial for people who have been damaged by living at or contact with the Centrepoint Community.

Former Fundamentalists and Ex-Cult Members (NZ)

Closed Facebook group for people who wish to connect over their experiences of being members of a cult or fundamentalist group.

Children of Centrepoint Community

Closed Facebook group for ex-children of Centrepoint Community, for discussion of issues surrounding their time at Centrepoint. A particular focus of the group is supporting each other in dealings with the NZ Community Growth Trust and applications for support.

NZ Community Growth Trust

This trust was formed after the Centrepoint Community dissolved with the funds remaining from the Centrepoint Trust. These funds are administered by the Public Trust. They have an interest in supporting ex-Centrepoint children who require counselling or are experiencing hardship.

The Harbour

Contact point for support services in NZ for people who are either currently or historically affected by abuse and are looking for ways to get safe, get support, and get legal or medical help.

The Truth Project

A UK based initiative which allows the survivors of childhood sexual abuse access to support, and the opportunity to safely tell their stories.

International Cultic Studies Association

A global network founded in 1979 joining people who are "concerned about psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic or high-demand groups, alternative movements, and other environments."

Restorative Justice - Ministry of Justice

See this website for information about the restorative justice process withiin the criminal justice system in New Zealand. What restorative justice is, how it helps you to put things right, who provides the services, and an outlines of the process.

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