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If you are wanting some support, need someone to talk to, or would like to search for resources to help with the specific concerns relating to experiences which you had at Centrepoint, or parallel events, the following list may be helpful. It may also benefit people who are trying to make sense of events which happened to a family member or friend, or someone who is trying to find ways to repair and address the past.

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NZ Olive Leaf Network

New Zealand based organisation offering support for leavers of high-control religious groups. Can support people leaving groups which are not religious.

+64 22 649 6630

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ACC Sensitive Claims

Offers funded therapy for victims of sexual abuse, according to specific criteria. If you have a claim already you can contact ACC. If you don't, see your GP to open a claim.

Phone 0800 101 996

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Help Foundation

Sexual abuse support 

Phone 0800 623 1700 - 24 hour confidential phone line

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Safe Network 

Specialised therapeutic services for individuals who have engaged in concerning, problematic, or harmful sexual behaviour

Phone 09 377 9898

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Safe to Talk

A support line for both victims of sexual harm, and those who want to discuss their own sexual behaviour which could be problematic

0800 044 334, or text on 4334, 24/7

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1737, need to talk?

Call or text 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 1737 is staffed by a team of paid counsellors who can talk to you if you have mental health or addiction problems


Call 1737 or 0800-1737-1737 or text 1737

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