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Dandelion Meadow

The Commune Podcast

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Dandelion Meadow

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A Message from Adam & Eugene

The producers of "The Commune" write a message to the former residents of Centrepoint.

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The One Who Got Away

When Robert* first came across Bert Potter he was all in. After uncovering a dark secret at the commune he makes a difficult decision.

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Unearthing the Secrets


Adam Dudding and Eugene Bingham spent 18 months investigating the tangled history of Centrepoint. This is why.

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Secrets, Lies & a Cup of Tea

The sex crimes against children at Centrepoint were almost an open secret – it took decades it to be stopped. Why so long?

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Sex, Drugs & a Guru Called Bert

The stories producers heard from former residents were startling – but not always in the way you’d expect.

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Let the Children Play


When a young man turned up at a Centrepoint and started entertaining the children, everyone seemed happy. But he was hiding a dark secret...

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The Insider

She was a founding member of Centrepoint, and its chief propagandist, before finally realising her community was rotten to the core.

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The Hardest Word


When child survivors of the sexual abuse at Centrepoint called for an apology from the commune’s adults, what happened? It’s complicated.

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