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The Project


Being clear about our objectives

The Centrepoint Restoration Project is an initiative which was developed in 2015 to meet some of the potential needs of ex-residents of Centrepoint Community, Albany, Auckland.


Facilitating restoration and healing

The purpose of the Centrepoint Restoration Project is to facilitate restoration & healing for those who were closely connected to Centrepoint during the years of its activity. The project has the following purposes:

  • to link participants to others with similar experiences 

  • to allow people to share their experiences of the community

  • to testify to the damage that occurred to Centrepoint children while in the care of Centrepoint adults

  • to stir within those who need to make amends an understanding of the destructive consequences their choices have produced in the lives of others

  • to facilitate communication between the older generation who lived there as adults, and the younger generation who were there as children

  • to foster a context where healing of relationship can occur

  • to discuss the difficult issues, and to allow a range of perspectives to have voice

  • to advocate for and actively model honest and respectful conversation about sexual trauma, thereby participating in a wider societal change

What this project is 'NOT'...

With such a sensitive topic and with personal experiences it is critical that we emphasise what we are focusing on and what this forum is NOT FOR...

  • It's not an opportunity to name, shame or blame others by either victims, or perpetrators of crime

  • It's not a place to intellectually debate the validity of other people’s stories. This kind of discourse is highly likely to alienate victims, plus it serves no useful benefit for others, and distracts from the restorative work that needs to occurs to bring healing of relationships

  • It's not an entry point for people who have limited or no legitimate experience of Centrepoint to gather information, or form connections for personal gain (ie journalists, or commentators). The presence of these people in conversations is highly likely to discourage genuine engagement from others

  • It's not a place to gather material to pursue criminal conviction

  • It's not a place to excuse inaction or to offload guilt about neglect of duty, or damaging mistakes. Participation in this project for people who have repair work to do should feel uncomfortable. The work that needs to be done is being avoided if it appeases guilt or excuses injustice.


You might be interested in discussing Centrepoint’s complex issues with people who understand

CHECK OUT RESOURCES here to see what might help 

You might want to do some reading first and see what others have said already about Centrepoint


JULY 2018

Anke Richter opens up the story again in catching up with some of Centrepoint's children in 2018. 

She provides another insight to the journeys of the forgotten children that were part of the community and where they are now, what they are doing and how they have established their adult lives beyond Centrepoint

“If our desire for justice is not rooted primarily in the pursuit of restoration, then reconciliation will be nearly impossible to achieve. It is precisely because grace is undeserved that makes it grace.” 

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