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Centrepoint Publications

These magazines and newsletters were published by Centrepoint between 1980 and 1999, and were used to reinforced Bert's teaching, as a method of information and indoctrination. These magazines contain his written teachings, writings from other members of the community, and photos. 

They are propaganda, and were used to control members, and to reinforce to the watching outside world that people were happy. it is important for anyone reading these writings to understand that they are not truthful representations of the reality of life at Centrepoint, and were deliberately designed to maintain control over information, and to shape the narrative according to the one which was acceptable to the leadership. Publication of propaganda material is an important strategic method which cult groups use to maintain control over people inside the group, and to defend their actions against people outside (the public and whistle-blowers alike). "Look, see how happy the people are!" is what these magazines say, though in reality it was simply propaganda and hid the reality of the harm which was going on. Read at your own risk.

Centrepoint News

March 1980

Our Parents/Ourselves

Oct 1981

What About the Children?

December 1981


August - October 1982

The Positive Approach

June - Aug 1983

Magazine #

March 1980

Centrepoint News

July 1980

Change: The Only Constant

July 1981

Freedom is Responsibility

March 1982

The Hidden Dimension

Nov 1982 - Jan 1983

Bert on Psychotherapy

Sept-Nov 1983

Magazine #

March 1980

The Fear of Loving

October 1980

A Spiritual Community

September 1981

Images of Myself

May-July 1982

Happy Birthday!

March/April 1983

I am God , You are God

Dec 1983 - Feb 1984

Magazine #

March 1980

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