Sharing Stories

Every story matters.


If you have a story of living at Centrepoint it is a

story that matters.


Sharing your story has power to bring about change in your life, and in the lives of others

Understanding the process


Sharing our story with other people enables us to make sense of what happened to us, to integrate the memories into our life experience, and to connect with people who understand what it was like. It also breaks down barriers formed by misunderstanding and lack of information. Tell your story requires a lot of trust. We understand that everyone needs different things, and wants to share or connect to very different levels, and so the levels of interaction offered by the site, and the Facebook page, hope to accomodate these various needs and desires. The free-access forum area on the website enables some open sharing and commenting for those who are comfortable with this. The member-only forum area enables greater privacy for those who desire it. The Facebook page will enable people to connect easily through a trusted platform, and the Facebook page offers a private discussion area.


Anonymous sharing of stories and creating posts is also possible. When you request membership of the site - required for all posts or comments - you will be asked some basic questions about your history and relationship to Centrepoint to determine your authenticity, and the appropriateness of your request.

  • Not all requests will be granted, and at any time, if contributions appear disrespectful, abusive or inappropriate, membership may be deleted, or posts removed.

  • Your real name and email will be need to be supplied on request, but will not be shared.

  • When you create an account you will be able to create an anonymous account, or use your real name. For some people anonymity is the only way they can contribute, and that will be respected.


The rules 
While every story matters, not all ways of telling each story will be helpful here. The focus of the Centrepoint Restoration Project is on people moving forward in healthy ways, and that will be the guiding principle for any material that is shared, circulated or uploaded.

Does it uplift? Does it encourage? Does it offer hope?


Stories shared via this site, or the Facebook page or group, need to fit within the stated goals of the website and remain respectful of the audience. The goal for participants will be to increase individual agency through taking restorative action, to reduce the distress associated with harmful memories and experiences by being heard and accepted, or by actively redressing harms, and to develop a personal response to the past that can change the narrative of suffering and pain to one of healing and restoration.

a child's voice

What was it like for you to live at Centrepoint as a child or teenager?


What were some of the experiences that you had there that changed you?

An adult's voice

What was it like for you to live at Centrepoint as an adult?


What were some of the experiences that you had there that changed you?


A Centrepoint Documentary

Warner Bros NZ and NZ OnAir 2020

Currently in development, an NZ based film crew are working on the development of a new television documentary about Centrepoint. This will be aired on NZ television in early 2021. The documentary will explore the 22 year story of Centrepoint, through interviews with the people who lived there, who had close connection with the community, and the children who lived in and left the community. If you once lived at Centrepoint you may wish to know more about this documentary. You may even wish to be a part of telling this story. 

"You cannot disown what is yours. Flung out, there is always the return, the reckoning, the revenge, perhaps the reconciliation. 
There is always the return. And the wound will take you there."


Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

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