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The following is a selection of audio material available about Centrepoint.


A 12 part podcast series about Centrepoint, called "The Commune", is available from June 2022 on Stuff Interactives, either in audible or reading format, along with featured articles. Listen here.

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Rachel King; Surviving a Cult - Magic Talk

June 2021

Rachel King entered the Centrepoint community at 12. And it changed her life forever. She talks about some of her experiences and her book in this radio interview with Mel Homer.

Caroline Ansley with Jim Mora - RNZ

May 2021

Caroline Ansley joins the show to discuss the documentary and how a way forward needs to be found that changes the discourse around the Centrepoint story.

Natalie Malcon on Jesse Mulligan - RNZ

JUNE 2021

The producer/director of "Heaven & Hell", Natalie Malcon, talks to Jesse about the filming and production on the documentary-drama, and the insights she developed in the creating of the film.

Costa Botes on Radio Live

JULY 2018

Costa Botes, director of the documentary 'Angie', is interviewed the week before the film first screens in Auckland at the NZ International Film Festival.

Kim Hill Interviews Angie Meiklejohn 

JUNE 2018

An eloquent and dignified interview on Radio NZ's Saturday Morning with Kim Hill. Angie is honest and dignified as she talks about the documentary due for release in July.

Radio NZ Auckland Story

NOV 2010

Jessie Mulligan talks on Radio NZ about the community

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” 

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