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Below are some books, articles, and news material, which explore more deeply the events and the experiences of Centrepoint, from the perspective of a few individuals. 

Featured BOOK


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This account of teenage years spent at Centrepoint was originally written in 2013, and has been republished in 2021 under a new name. Rachel C King is now owning her history, and giving back the shame to those to whom it belongs.

Other written material

We, the children of Centrepoint, are breaking through the silence

 June 2021

As Centrepoint once again becomes a focus of media attention, Dr Caroline Ansley, a survivor of the North Shore commune, asks in this Spin-Off article why the work of grappling with its legacy continues to fall on those who suffered. 

Prince of the Commune

July 2021

A rare and disturbing interview with a Centrepoint abuser. Anke Richter details the 2014 interview she had with prominent Centrepoint member and son of Bert, John Potter, in North & South.

The Vault of Centrepoint Stories is only just being Cracked Open

May 2021

As a new documentary about the notorious Auckland commune hits the small screen, Adam Dudding, writing for Stuff, says the vault of Centrepoint stories is only just being cracked open.

Centrepoint Survivors on Speaking out and Reconciliation

May 2021

Centrepoint survivors want justice for the children who suffered abuse, writes Anke Richter, for The Herald. Three survivors from an infamous New Zealand sex cult are breaking their silence to call for restorative justice for the children who were abused.

All these Rooms Full of Screaming People

May 2021

David Herkt interviews Rachel King and Simon Horrocks in Stuff about their time at Centrepoint and the upcoming documentary.

Breaking the Silence, Lifting the Shame

May 2021

Three brave women who were sexually abused as kids and teens at Centrepoint are coming forward in a new documentary - and starting a truth and reconciliation process - writes Anke Richter for Canvas magazine.

Centrepoint: The Healing

August 2018

Anke Richter opens up the story again in catching up with some of Centrepoint's children in 2018, for this North & South article. She provides another insight to the journeys of the forgotten children that were part of the community and where they are now, what they are doing and how they have established their adult lives beyond Centrepoint

Centrepoint Survivor Revisits Horror in doco, Angie

July 2018

Stuff film review of the documentary by film maker Costa Botes, with an interview with the director

Gloriavale Report; Have We Learned nothing from Centrepoint?

March 2017

This article in the Spin-Off by Anke Richter draws parallels between the Auckland Commune and the closed West Coast religious community.

Bert's Labyrinth

Oct 2015

Anke Richter tells the story of her emotional journey through the labyrinth of the post-Bert Potter world of Centrepoint Community to North & South. She profiles the stories of some of the people who lived there as children and teenagers and the trauma they experienced, which is still unacknowledged by the majority to the adults who lived there at the time.

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