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My name is Caroline. I lived at Centrepoint in the mid 1980s when I was 7. While I lived there I was a foster child of a community family. For 30 years after I left I had no contact with anyone from Centrepoint. In 2015 I started re-connecting with former Centrepoint people in an attempt to make sense of, integrate and understand the experiences I had while living at there.


I do not have anyone in the community I am trying to protect, and I do not have any one I am trying to blame, hurt or shame. I am not on a witch hunt, nor am I trying to seek personal justice. While there are many factions and alliances between ex-Centrepoint people, I do not belong to any of them and am open to talking to any ex-Centrepoint member who is interested in talking about their experiences while living there.

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