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The narrative is changing. For many years there has only been silence. There has been disconnection and shame. Only some people's stories have been heard. There has not been the freedom for open discourse which brings about change.


In 2021, the Centrepoint story will be told. The voices telling it will be different from those who told it in the past. They will bring reflection, maturity, dignity and insight, through their desire for connection and a better outcome for their children and for their children's children.

They will be asking for change.

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A Story-Telling Project

A new project will be started in 2022 to collate and collect short stories of the children of the community, to publish to the website. The goal is to collect as many stories of the lives of the children as possible, to represent as wide a selection of former children, and to allow the stories of their unique experiences to shape the narrative moving forward.


Each participant will retain complete rights to their material, and will be under no obligation to publish their material. Participants can choose what aspect of their story to tell, and how much of their identity they wish to reveal, and may choose complete anonymity if they wish. The project administrator will assist participants to tell their story through offering editorial input, and publishing it to the blog. An emphasis will be placed on a process which maintains the author's safety and comfort, and protects their identity if desired.

A shared space for the Children of the Community

A group of former children of the community have been meeting monthly (via zoom) since Aug 2021 to discuss issues around their shared history. Many of these issues are long-standing, and some are new. The purpose of the group is to re-establish old connections, form new relationships and to provide a safe space for any former child or teen of the community to talk about what life was like for them at Centrepoint, and how that impacts life now. There is also desire to start the work of addressing some of the unmet needs of the children of the community, and find ways forward.

This group is open to others. The intention is for it to grow to include a wide and diverse representation of former children of the community, for the purposes of meeting the needs of those people. Make contact if you are interested in being involved.

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2021 Media 


The Centrepoint Story

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Magic Talk Mel Homer
27 June 2021

Rachel King entered the Centrepoint community at 12. And it changed her life forever. She talks about some of her experiences and her book in this radio interview with Mel Homer.

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North & South Anke Richter
14 June 2021

Inside the mind of a Centrepoint abuser

One sale now

Stuff David Herkt
30 May 2021

David Herkt interviews Rachel King and Simon Horrocks about their time at Centrepoint and the upcoming documentary.


Breakfast John Campbell
24 May 2021

Three women who grew up in the Centrepoint commune in Auckland's North Shore have described their stories, shared in a new documentary, as "empowering"

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Spin-Off Caroline Ansley
24 June 2021

Dr Caroline Ansley, a survivor of the North Shore commune, asks why the work of grappling with its legacy continues to fall on those who suffered. 

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Radio NZ Jim Mora
30 May 2021

Caroline Ansley joins the show to discuss the documentary and how a way forward needs to be found that changes the discourse around the Centrepoint story.

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Spinoff Catherine McGregor
30 May 2021

Heaven and Hell does a wonderful job exposing the awful truth that so many at the time were too blind to see.

Coffee and Magazines

Canvas Anke Richter 
22 May 2021

Three brave women who were sexually abused as kids and teens at Centrepoint are coming forward in a new documentary - and starting a truth and reconciliation process.

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Breakfast John Campbell
23 June 2021

Centrepoint survivor Rachel King talks about her book ‘Surviving Centrepoint,’ and learning to cast off the shame she lived with for years.

Folded Newspapers

Stuff Adam Dudding
30 May 2021

As a new documentary about the notorious Auckland commune hits the small screen, Adam Dudding says the vault of Centrepoint stories is only just being cracked open.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 3.52.15 PM.png

RNZ Jesse Mulligan
28 May 2021

The producer/director of "Heaven & Hell", Natalie Malcon, talks to Jesse.


Herald Anke Richter
22 May 2021

Centrepoint survivors want justice for the children who suffered abuse, writes Anke Richter.

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