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The narrative is changing. For many years there has only been silence. There has been disconnection and shame. Only some people's stories have been heard. There has not been the freedom for open discourse which brings about change.


In 2021 the story of the Centrepoint children opened up. A conversation has started within this generation, who are asking for their experiences to acknowledged, and heard. Many in this generation are opening the lid on what has historically been shameful and hidden. 

This is only the beginning.

Dandelion Meadow

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A new podcast is now available to New Zealanders. In Cult Chat, Caroline, Liz and Lindy discuss cultishness, coercion and control,  talk to survivors of cults in New Zealand, and delve into why we all need to cult-proof our lives.

You can listen to Cult Chat on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the PlainsFM website.

the Open letter

In May 2021 an open letter was penned by three former children of the community - Caroline Ansley, Rachel King, and Kate Rowntree. This letter was calling for restorative action for the children of the Centrepoint Community.

The signatories stand by the truth of the open letter and request a response from the adults of the community, to acknowledge and to be held account for the actions they took, or failed to take, which resulted in harm to many of the children of the community.

The open letter is still able to be signed by people who either lived at the community, or visited substantially as children, or those who are close supporters of the children of the community.

Dandelion Meadow

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In Nov 2022 Harper Collins released a new book about cults. This book tracks the ten year investigation by Anke Richter, a German born journalist, who lives in New Zealand. Many former community members were interviewed for this book. The book follows her journey through her unpacking and understanding Centrepoint, encountering the unravelled mess of the Agama Yoga School in Thailand, and then revealing new and shocking information about the West Coast's Gloriavale Community.


This book will help readers understand why people join cults, offering insight and compassion, and asking questions about what we must do to support survivors, and prevent others from becoming victim to other cults.


A Stuff podcast production about Centrepoint went live on in June 2022. This podcast was produced by Adam Dudding and Eugene Bingham for Stuff, and many former children and adults of the community feature in the series.


Over 12 episodes this podcast unpacks the issues, interviewing many former members and people involved in the criminal cases, including police and neighbours who got caught up in the chaos.


The podcast was nominated for an internal media award.

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