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'Angie' by Costa Botes

Angie Meiklejohn, along with her siblings, has bravely allowed the story of her time at Centrepoint to be told in documentary form for open critique by the public. It will be showing at the International Film Festival in July and August. It looks to be revealing, honest, and I expect for some viewers who have unresolved wounds from their contact with Centrepoint, triggering and traumatic. Three years ago viewing this movie would have traumatised me and sent me into a tailspin. But now I look forward to hearing this woman, and her siblings and others, talk openly and honestly about their pain, how the damaging experiences they went through affected them, and about the work they have done to unpack it all as adults. It will be hard for many I think, and will bring up again the pain and the shame. But I think it is a step forward to get this stuff out into the public forum. It is validating. It is restorative. It is extraordinarily brave. I can only take my hat off to Angie, and thank her for the courageous step she has taken in exposing herself like this. I hope that she has enough caring and wise people around her to help her navigate the fallout. I hope that this material lands into NZ society gently, and that those who recieve it do so with respect, and reflection, and they think carefully about how they respond. Let this response be cautious, and wise, and honouring.



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